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    My passion for fitness has been a huge part of me for many years. I enjoy learning, practicing, and sharing new ideas when it comes to reaching personal heath and fitness goals. So when I was introduced to the Pilates reformer a few years ago, I quickly discovered how it could complement our daily activities and fitness goals at any stage of life. For years I have pounded the pavement with outdoor runs, sessions at the gym, carried a heavy purse on one shoulder and groceries on the other, etc. Adding in Pilates has increased my core strength, flexibility, improved my posture and helped to develop long lean muscles while being kind to my body. One of the neatest benefits is that it trains our bodies to move 

Angie White

effortlessly and safely as we go about our day.

    Originally from Iowa, my husband Jared and I have taken a scenic tour of the Midwest residing in Omaha, Indianapolis, Chicago, and now Leawood. We absolutely love it and so do our boys Vince and Cole. A graduate from Iowa State University, I am also a NASM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer and currently completing my Stott Reformer Certification course. 

    I look forward to sharing the benefits of Pilates and a healthy lifestyle with all that walk into the Eilates studio. My goal is to create a fun and safe workout that you will walk away stronger, taller and ready to conquer the rest of the day.