Boldly Moving

What a special privilege and adventure it is to discover our own unique light. It’s taken me the second part of my life to boldly recognize my passion and true path of healing. I know that God put a brilliant light & fire inside of me to inspire. In fact, my birth verse says “Let us BOLDLY approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy, and find grace to help us in our time of need.” HE’S been pushing this once upon a time shy, indecisive little girl to be bold, fierce, and relentless in chasing her dreams forever.

There you have it: the origin of my “BOLD MOVES” blog title.

EILATES was formed and fashioned by my personal inside-out transformation. My brokenness required me to take courageous action because of the many complex trials and challenges. Living boldly is allowing me to feel purposeful, valuable, and worthy. My hope is that I can be an example of “crisis comes to serve”. It’s been a journey year after year shedding layers of myself that no longer serve me. However, knowledge, progress, and achievement have kept me faithfully moving...forward & upward.

My career & business in Fitness & Health has pushed me on a new path of strength, confidence, and authenticity. I truly believe that the crown on a well person’s head must include exercise & nutrition. In fact, those who don’t take time to exercise and eat with health in mind will eventually find time for illness. I’ve been working with grit & gusto for the last several years to lift my head through adversity with strength, dignity and as the beautiful saying goes... with laughter and without fear of the future. I’m a confident new me, boldly armed and ready to stand firm and live my dreams.

I believe that the CORE is the second heart and my craft in Pilates focuses on strengthening the core. I hope that I can rejuvenate, refresh, and guide you to be inspired to empower yourself and learn more about intelligent exercise. In fact, my tagline “Strong Core ~ Strong Mind” can be applied to everyday living. When the core is strong, we gain improved posture, body awareness, resilience and stamina. We can walk uprightly for stronger periods of time, stay strong and endure the pressures and strains of life. I have truly been able to absorb criticism and extinguish the fiery daggers of unkindness, without taking offense or react because my core has been strengthened. I want to be the encourager that motivates you to own & wear the beautiful gift of this armor.

I believe that gratitude is the antidote to pain. I am so thankful for the men & women who have generously supported, challenged, and inspired me on this exciting yet often fearful journey. I’m in awe weekly over the life stories, acts of bravery, kindness, and compassionate service to others, that I’m blessed to hear about on a regular basis. This blog will highlight those heroes boldly moving daily to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.

One thing is for sure is that what we consume affects us. BOLD MOVES will be real, positive, and inspiring. I will encourage you with exercise, nutrition tips, faith, motivation, and seek to strengthen your self-esteem and affirm your infinite worth. This blog will help you amplify your everyday energy. My aim is to make you feel alive, vibrant, joyous, grateful, and free.

I will be the trainer that pushes you to dig deep, to get excited, and become comfortable with your own beautiful body. I will be the coach that makes you believe that no one is YOU and this is your super power. I will be the encourager that inspires you to dig deep inside so that you can bring abundant growth, energy, power to your life and rebuild what is broken. My hope is that this blog will get you to move now and push through obstacles and fears and to motivate you to bring treasures and joy to your life. Remember... your level of growth & success is truly limitless!

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Be Bold & Believe,